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New website for the John Johnson Collection

The John Johnson Collection has a new website, with revised content. The Bodleian’s new style web pages have prompted us to look afresh at our site and make changes. We would value comments on its usablity, especially in relation to finding information:

Screen shot of new John Johnson Collection website

The new John Johnson Collection website


The John Johnson Collection Ephemera Resources blog

The John Johnson Collection Ephemera Resources blog, which now has 60 posts, aims to accumulate a useful and growing guide to the many websites, books, articles, exhibitions and blogs either wholly or partially devoted to ephemera.

In the course of my work, I often refer readers and enquirers to other collections and see this as an easy and attractive way to build up lists of resources, both electronic and non-electronic, for a wide range of subjects and issues (such as dating, conservation and crowd sourcing) through tagging.  I include screen shots wherever possible and am learning a lot about the ways in which other institutions and ephemerists surface their ephemera online.

JJ Ephemera Resources blog at Feb 1 2012

Welcome to the new John Johnson Collection blog!

Last year the John Johnson Collection moved off-site until the New Bodleian has been refurbished as a Special Collections library (to be called the Weston Library).  Until late in 2014 the Librarian of the John Johnson Collection and her twelve volunteers are in temporary accommodation.  A good opportunity to make progress with projects, new and unfinished, and to blog about items of ephemera which are topical or striking.
Man posting bills on a hoarding

Bill poster

The John Johnson Collection currently has twelve excellent and committed volunteers. They are all engaged on different projects.

Volunteer voice will be dedicated to their experience of working in the Collection and items which have fascinated them.